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You’ve been studying on campus but now seek greater flexibility to finish your BYU degree. With the BGS program, you can complete a BYU degree from anywhere and do it on your own schedule thanks to BYU Independent Study and other select offerings.


Current BYU students who have completed at least 90 credits can apply for the BYU Bachelor of General Studies program if they

  • have never received a bachelor’s degree from any institution, including BYU;
  • have completed a minimum of 27 credit hours of on-campus credit in Provo as an admitted day student;
  • are in good standing (academic, financial, etc.) at all universities attended;
  • have a 2.0 or higher BYU and cumulative GPA;1 and
  • will abide by the BYU Honor Code and receive an annual ecclesiastical endorsement.

Current BYU students who have not completed at least 90 credit hours will need to wait two years before applying to the BGS program. 

Information for BYU Campus Students

BGS students

1If you have ever been on academic warning, probation, or suspension, please contact the BGS Office before proceeding with the application process.