What Are the Costs?

Application Fee

All students submitting an application are required to pay a $35 nonrefundable BGS application and evaluation fee. This fee must accompany the application form.

Matriculation Fee

Each year, on the anniversary of your formal admission to the Bachelor of General Studies Program, a $60 matriculation fee will be assessed. Payment of this fee will keep you on active status in the program, provide an annual review of your graduation plan and progress, and continue your registration eligibility for any on–campus courses you plan to take.

Course Tuition Fees

Tuition fees for the 2017–2018 academic year, which are subject to change at any time, are:

  • BYU Independent Study courses

    $188 per credit hour for both LDS and non–LDS students

    Most courses are 3 credit hours or $564 (3 X $188) plus textbooks, materials, and testing fees, where applicable. Note: Tuition for 0.5 (half) credit university courses will be charged $188.

  • BYU Evening Classes, BYU Salt Lake Center, and BYU Spring and Summer Terms

    LDS students: $286 per credit hour or up to $2,730 per semester full time (12+ credits) or $1,365 per term full time (6–9 credits).

    Non–LDS students: $572 per credit hour or up to $5,460 per semester full time (12+ credits) or $2,730 per term full time (6–9 credits).

Financial Assistance

  • BGS Financial Assistance

    Through generous donations to BYU’s Division of Continuing Education, partial–tuition financial assistance is available to formally admitted BGS students who qualify. Awards are based on demonstrated financial need, and students must be in good academic standing. Additional funds have been specified for single parents, male or female, with dependent children living at home.

    BGS financial assistance can be applied toward BYU Independent Study, Evening Classes, Salt Lake Center, or classes on campus during spring or summer terms. Awards are made six times a year. Application forms and deadlines for submission are available to formally admitted BGS students.

  • Federal Financial Aid (Title IV)

    BGS students may be eligible for Federal Pell Grants for up to half–time enrollment (12 hours per academic year). For eligible students, the Pell Grant amounts can vary. BGS students are eligible for loans under certain circumstances. Aid for BGS students taking Evening Classes, Salt Lake Center, spring or summer term classes is also available. The terms and conditions under which BGS students may be eligible for federal financial aid are found on BYU’s financial aid website. For further information contact Student Services at 801-422-4104 and identify yourself as a potential BGS student.

    Note: Course completion deadlines may be different from the Independent Study norm when using federal financial aid to pay tuition. Please read the information on BYU’s financial aid website carefully.
  • Veterans’ Education Benefits

    The BGS Program is approved for payment of veterans’ educational (GI Bill) benefits. Veterans who desire to use their GI Bill educational benefits for the BGS Program should visit the GI Bill website and complete the VONAPP (Veterans Online Application) to receive a Letter of Eligibility from the VA.

    Students cannot receive GI Bill benefits up-front for BYU Independent Study classes, but may be eligible for partial or full reimbursement after-the-fact for the cost of classes required to complete the BGS Program. Please contact Stephen Ray Olsen by email at or call 801-422–6429 for additional information.